Let's make your wedding business more sustainable!

A podcast for small businesses within the wedding industry who care about the environment and want their businesses to reflect this. We offer advice, interviews and ideas to make your wedding business more sustainable and to help make the wedding industry more eco friendly one wedding at a time.

So if you're a small business, you care about the environment and our planets future and you believe that weddings need to become more sustainable, you're in the right place!


EPISODE ONE: Running a sustainable wedding venue

In this first episode of the My Eco Wedding Business podcast we chat with Anselm Guise from Elmore Court, a beautiful historic estate in Gloucestershire. Anselm inherited the estate from his uncle in 2007 and has been on a journey since then to turn it into a profitable business that gives back to the environment.

We chat about why sustainability is important to him and what measures he is taking to ensure a sustainable future for his family home. 

He also tells us about some exciting new projects that he and his team are undertaking that will benefit not only the environment but the experience couples have when they hold their wedding there!

EPISODE TWO: Being an Ethical Florist - The how and why?

In the second episode of the My Eco Wedding Business podcast I chat with Julie Fierro from Foxgloves and Alice. Julie is an artisan wedding and event florist with a strong emphasis on sustainability and the environment and how she as a florist can reduce the impact that weddings have on the planet.

We chat about how Julie came to own Foxgloves and Alice, where the name came from and how she solves the issues of making floristry more sustainable. She has some great tips and ideas so don't miss out! 

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