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10 Tips to help you have an amazing socially distanced wedding

We all know weddings have taken a big hit this year and with recent announcements it is getting more and more difficult to go ahead with anything resembling your original plans. Intimate small weddings are the only option right now, and these have many of their own benefits, read more in my blog post about intimate weddings here. With many couples deciding to go ahead regardless we need to be more and more creative with how we do things. So, here are my top 10 ways to make sure that your event is still fun whilst being as safe as possible.

1. Go Virtual

So you’ve had to cut your guest list down to 15, but that doesn’t mean that your other family and friends can’t enjoy the day with you. Zoom is a really good platform for this as it not only lets your guests see you but you can see all of your guests. If you are having favours why not send them to your virtual guests prior to the day so they can feel even more involved.

2. The Venue

The safest place to be is outdoors or in a larger space, but large indoor venues can feel clinical and cold with only a handful of guests. So why not consider an Outdoor or Tipi wedding, then you can really make sure that your guests have the space they need and it also gives you space to be creative with how you use it.

10 ways to have a socially safe wedding

3. Have safety in mind

It is important to make your guests feel as safe as you can and follow all of the relevant guidelines so making sure you provide hand sanitiser stations is a must, you can even put personalised ones on each table. And why not provide your own masks too, you can get them personalised for the day and make them fit with your theme!

4. Seating

Seating is important both for the ceremony and reception afterwards but seating people 2m apart with empty seats or loads of space in between can feel a little strange so be creative with your seating plan, sit social bubbles together, use sofas and armchairs or rugs and cushions in groups on the floor

Having a socially safe wedding

5. Photography

We all want to have beautiful photos to remember our day, but this requires a little more thought right now. So think about this before hand how can your venue help with this? For example is there a staircase you can use to space your guests out and still get some shots of the whole wedding party? Is there a balcony or large windows where you could be standing at ground level and have your guests hanging out of the windows above? Be creative! You don’t need to all be standing next to each other and you will probably end up with some unique, quirky and fun pics you would never have had if things were normal!

6. Food

As buffets and grazing tables are not allowed, the safest way to provide your guests with food is a sit down meal served to them at their tables. Another option for outdoor weddings are individual picnics packed for your guests, either individually or for two. You then have the option to tailor them to each of your guests.

7. Personalisation

As you only have limited guests you can afford to be creative and go the extra mile. Why not source a collection of vintage glassware and give everyone their own glass, then they can use this throughout the whole day and not worry about it getting mixed up with someone else’s. Ask your guests what is their preferred tipple and include this on their table so they don’t have to get up and down to the bar.

8. Cake

Cake is a must, especially if you love it as much as I do! But standing over the cake and cutting it and then passing it around to your guests is a no no. So why not have a smaller cake to cut and take home for yourselves and have individual cupcakes for your guests to be served to them at their tables!

How to have a socially safe wedding

9. Entertainment

We all know that dancing and singing in close proximity is not allowed, so again we need to be creative with entertainment we provide for our guests. If you seat your guests in their social bubbles with enough space between them they can boogie with their group safely, a little bit like being at a concert. Then you can have an instrumental band or a DJ. Ask all of your guests before hand, including the virtual ones to provide a favourite song then everyone can feel involved.

Other entertainment options could include a quiz, comedian or magician, or some other kind of performer that your guests can stay in their bubbles and watch or listen too.

10. Virtual guestbook

Obviously a guestbook table where everyone uses the same pens and signs the same book is not an option so you need to think differently, plus if you have a lot of virtual guests you want to include them too. So why not have a virtual guestbook? These usually involve your guests either downloading an app or uploading a picture or message, these are then compiled into a photobook or onto a picture that can be framed. Here are a few options for this and

The most important things are to be aware, follow the rules, keep your guests in the loop so they feel safe and reassured and most of all have fun and enjoy, after all it is your wedding day!

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