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7 Simple Money Saving Tips for your Wedding

There's no getting away from it, weddings are expensive and more now than ever we need to make sure we keep to budget and don't go beyond our means. But this doesn't mean you can't have the day of your dreams and everything that that includes. It's more about being savvy with the budget you have and making the right decisions as to how and where you spend that money.

Below are 7 simple ways you can save money on your wedding to help you keep within your budget, but still have the day you want.

'Sticking to a budget doesn't have to compromise the Wedding Day of your dreams'

1. Make the most of your friends and families’ talents

Everyone knows someone who can bake or is great at sewing, or good at organising people or is creative, or can arrange flowers. So don’t be afraid to use these talents, most of your family and friends would be honoured to be asked to help. It saves them having to decide what to get you for a wedding present and saves you some money. Obviously choose what you ask friends and family to do carefully, for example if you have your heart set on an amazing floral installation then it’s probably not fair to ask Aunty Helen to try and do this, get a florist on board, but if you’re cake isn’t as important to you as long as it tastes good and you have something to cut then save the money by asking someone to do this for you and use this money for your dream florals.

Photo: EKR Pictures

2. Search second hand

There are so many things that can be bought second hand for your wedding, if you are prepared to go down this route, and it can save you a lot of money. Everything from the dresses, suits and shoes to the table décor, props, even the favours.

Why not collect quirky and unusual mugs and cups or glasses and ask your guests to select their favourite when they arrive, they then keep this as their drinking vessel for the day and take it home as a keepsake afterwards. Plus they never put their drink down and lose it as everybody’s is different.

If you want a special photo area or lounge area, search for second items you can use to create the look, chairs, mirrors, rugs, cushions, fabrics, easels etc. This is a much cheaper way than buying things new or even renting in some cases.

If you don't mind the idea of a second hand gown then take a look on preloved bridal-wear sites, you may find the dress of your dreams at a fraction of the price.

'Buying second hand or pre-loved is also a great way to make your day more sustainable!'

3. Sell things after your day

Just because you have purchased things second hand or preloved for your day, it doesn’t mean someone else won't want it or be able to use it for their day. So after your big day get posting on those wedding web pages and online market places and make some money back on the things you bought and help save another couple some money at the same time. There are even specialised car boot sales just for wedding items!

4. Rent wedding party wear

If you don’t fancy buying second hand clothing for you and your wedding party then consider renting. You can rent designer dresses for a few days at a fraction of the cost of buying them new. This applies to wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses and even wedding guest attire, mother of the bride or groom for example.

Even if you want a new wedding dress then consider renting your accessories, designer shoes and bag, or even an outfit for your pre wedding celebrations.

Photo: EKR Pictures

5. Be selective with your guest-list

One of the fastest ways you can blow your wedding budget is by letting your guest list get out of hand. For every guest you invite there is, depending on the type of wedding, food, drink, an extra chair and space at a table, this may in turn affect the whole capacity of your venue and mean you need a larger room or marquee, extra invites, favours, place names, the list goes on. So really think about everyone as you put them on the list, do you really want them there, do you even know them or are they someone you feel you should invite as they are a friend of your parents or a plus one you have never met. You need to be ruthless and a little selfish. Will it affect your day if they aren’t there, will they really be upset if they’re not there? The more you can streamline your guestlist the more money you will save overall on your day.

6. Reuse elements throughout the day

Reusing items throughout the day is a great way to save money. Your florist makes you a beautiful bouquet which you pay a lot of money for, but what do you do with it after the ceremony? Quite often they are left out of water all day, possibly in a warm room or in the sun. Why not use your bouquets as table décor on your top table, get your florist or stylist to leave vases full of water in the right place on the table, then when you come to sit down you simply place your bouquets in the vases.

Another idea is to reuse your ceremony arch. Why only use it for half an hour of the day? Why not move it to behind the top table for the wedding breakfast and then use it as a photo backdrop for guests later on, three uses from one item!

Photo: Emily Robinson Photography

7. Do without favours

There are things that we have on our wedding days that we don’t really need, it is just so ingrained in us that that’s what you do, so we have to have them. But do you really need them? Favours for example, these are usually a small gift that is the same for everyone, or some sweet treat to eat, but not everyone is going to like a small bottle of gin or a bag of sugared almonds and a lot of them will be left on the tables and wasted which is your money going in the bin. There is so much happening at a wedding and so much food, I guarantee you that no one will be saying, where are the favours??

Another one is flip flops for dancing, as cute an idea as this is you will find that if peoples feet hurt they will simply take their shoes off, or if they are planning on some serious moves on the dancefloor they will wear shoes that are comfortable or bring their own flats with them. So spending money on multiple pairs of flip flops that will go in the bin at the end of the night is money you could spend elsewhere. Another option is to mention on your invites or wedding website to bring flat shoes for dancing, and this costs you nothing!

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