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7 wedding trend predictions for 2021 and beyond

The last year has been a strange one and at the moment we still don't know what's going to happen and when. So rather than dwelling on the unknown and worrying about things I can't change. I thought I would look forward to what the future may hold for weddings.

Weddings will still take place in some form or another and couples will still be planning and craving inspiration for their big day. So with all that in mind I decided to write my top 7 trend predictions for weddings in 2021 and beyond.

1. Small and Intimate

It looks like this is going to be the way of things for the foreseeable future, so I can only predict a huge increase in small, intimate or micro-weddings. The exact size of these will depend on the guidelines throughout the year but it's a pretty sure thing that we won't be having 100+ guest weddings for a while yet. However I feel that couples will embrace this more and more and make the most of the positives that a small wedding can bring. After a year of reflection many couples priorities will have changed and just having their closest family and friends there will be important to them. In many cases the budget won't have changed so couples will be looking to really spoil the guests they do have with more personal touches and spending their budget on what really matters to them.

2. Sustainability

This one is definitely here to stay! More and more couples are wanting to make their day as eco-friendly as possible and this is easier when you have a smaller guest list. I predict an increase in the use of local suppliers, small businesses, British grown produce and second hand and vintage pieces. With couples striving to reduce the impact of their day by eliminating plastic and using natural fabrics and recycled paper.

3. Statement pieces

After a year of having to hold back and not do all of the things that we enjoy, there will be an explosion of colour and going slightly 'over the top'! With more budget to spend on a smaller event I see a shift towards large statement pieces, big floral installations or a unique dress for example. Couples will want to make their day extra special and memorable, especially if they have had to wait an extra year to finally tie the knot!

4. Throwing out the rule book

With many couples having had to delay celebrations and potentially change their original plans unrecognisably, I believe there will be a lot more emphasis on doing it your way, being unique. If you can't conform to tradition then why not go totally the other way and carve your own path! I think we will see an increase in alternative bridal wear with brides not only looking at the ethical side of where their gown comes from but also what they feel comfortable in, what they really want to wear, or even a couple of different outfits to wear throughout the day.

5. Weekday weddings

With so many weddings being postponed from this year, it's inevitable that more weddings will have to take place on weekdays just to fit them all in. But there is also a financial bonus to this as a lot of venues and suppliers have lower rates throughout the week, so for couples on limited budgets a weekday wedding is a great option.

6. Outdoor weddings

People naturally feel safer and more comfortable outside at the moment, so it makes sense that we will see an increase in outdoor weddings. Gardens, parks, woodland, country estates, with an open sided Tipi or other airy structure. Anywhere where you and your guests can mix safely with space enough to feel safe and still have a good time. Outdoor weddings are also great for creating your own unique day and throwing the rulebook out of the window.

7. Entertainment

The types of entertainment we see at weddings will change, with dancing potentially not ok or not possible with social distancing, we will see an increase in alternative entertainment, smaller bands, quiz's, bingo, comedians, magicians, tarot readers the list goes on. Basically anything that will keep guests entertained and the party going into the evening.

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