I know you have been dreaming of your wedding day forever, you have so many ideas and know that you want your event to be unique, different and personal to you. You don’t want to choose a venue where everything is predetermined, and a lot of the creativity and personality is taken away. I also know that you have a busy life, balancing your full-time job and your other projects, home life, travel… and you’re wondering how you will find time to plan your wedding? 

You have family scattered all over the country or even the world and you know that co-ordinating them all and planning an event that everyone will enjoy is going to be hard. You also love nature and care about the environment and want your day to be as sustainable as possible without having to compromise on your choices.

"Tailored  packages  to  suit  your  needs"



You have lots of ideas but just don't know where to start. You know what you want but don't know where to find it. You just don't have the time to spend hours and hours speaking to venues and suppliers and sourcing items for your day. 

I can take the reins for you and work with you to make your vision come to life!


You've made a start, but you're stuck! You need some help. You may have realised you can't do this, or you don't have time. Maybe you need help with a particular supplier, finding a venue, or simply having someone to go through everything with you to make sure you haven't forgotten anything. 

I can tailor this package to provide as much help as you need.


You have planned your day to perfection! Exactly how you imagined it, everything is in place but now you're concerned about how everything will get done on the day? You want to be focusing on getting ready and enjoying yourself!

I can come in and run your day for you. You tell me what, when, where and I will make sure it happens!


You've got the organisation and planning side sorted. You're the queen of lists and love being in control. However you can't quite get your head around the look and style you want for the day.

I will work alongside you and listen to your ideas and thoughts. Then I will create a vision for your day, source any suppliers and decorations needed and co-ordinate implementation before the event.


Need some inspiring content for your website and social media? Need to strengthen your brand image? Struggling with creating a vision and don't have time to plan and find suppliers to create the amazing shoot you dream of?

I can take all of that off of your hands with my Styled shoot package. I will work with you to create the right vision for your brand and then bring that vision to life.


You care about the environment and you want your day to reflect this and have as smaller impact as possible. But where do you begin?

My sustainability kick start is designed to help you get started planning your eco-friendly event. I will give you help, advice and tips and get you on the right track so you can have the most sustainable wedding day possible.


The most important thing to you both is being married. You want to keep it small and intimate with close family and friends and have a day that is special and personal to you. You also don't want to spend ages planning!

This Wedding Package is for you! Everything you need to create the perfect setting. All you need to think about is having an amazing time with your family and friends.

Feel  like  you  need  some  help?

Book a call with me and let's have a chat!

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